Alpha Xi Delta

Beta Xi at Marietta College

Philanthropic Involvement

Our sisters love philanthropy!

Alexis Sommers '24 co-founded a non-profit thrift store on Marietta College's campus called Big Blue. Big Blue prioritizes student opportunity and growth. They provide students easy access to affordable clothing focusing on professional wear. Experiential education through the practicum course where students can have hands-on business experience in their concentration. Finally, proceeds go into an entrepreneurial fund that students can drawl from. Volunteers work at the store to keep it running, including sisters Elizabeth Stern '23, Sophia Verona '23, Sarah Wallenfelsz '24, Madison Howard '24, Alison Pasco '25, Breanna Herrick '25, Jazlyn Ingold '26, Aubrey Thomas '27, Riley Hayes '27, and Delaney Warner '27.

Breanna Herrick '25 practices philanthropy through her cupcake business, “Bre's Cupcakin' Around.” She has raised over $45,000 for individuals and organizations in need in her community of New Martinsville, WV. She raises funds on her Facebook page through a livestream where she decorates a cake and viewers can donate for a chance to win. All donations raised through the fundraiser go directly to the family or organization in need.

Meya Derwacter '25 and Lauren Garan '25 are the co-presidents of MEDLIFE at Marietta College. MEDLIFE is an international organization with individually-founded chapters across the world. The organization draws in students from all disciplines who have a passion for providing equal access to medicine, education, and development projects to low-income communities. Students apart of this organization participate in a yearly service-learning trip (SLT) to one of MEDLIFE’s target areas. This year’s SLT is to Lima, Peru. 5 sisters (Meya Derwacter '25, Lauren Garan '25, Megan Hoover ’26, Aubrey Thomas ’27, and Brilegh Kocanjer ’27) will be traveling there to participate in hands-on-service by working in medical clinics, providing resources to schools, and engaging in community development projects.  


Beta Xi's Other Philanthropic Community Involvement:

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The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley Volunteers

Marietta Memorial

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